How long will I have to wait until my case is called?
All parties should arrive prior to the time that court is scheduled to start. Approximately 30 minutes after court is scheduled to start, the Judge will call the names of the defendants on the docket. If a defendant does not answer when his or her name is called, the Judge may issue a warrant for the defendant’s arrest. The cases on the docket are not usually listed in alphabetical order so a defendant should listen carefully when the Judge calls the names.

After your case is called and you advise the court you are present, you should remain in the courtroom or the adjacent hallways. Do not leave the building! If you do not answer when your case is re-called by the Judge or the City Prosecutor, a warrant may be issued for your arrest.

The docket is prepared with a view toward disposing of as many cases as possible prior to beginning trials of individual cases. Cases that may be disposed of by a "guilty plea" or cases in which a party is requesting a continuance are often called early in the court session. In this manner the most defendants and witnesses are freed to leave and the courtroom and adjacent hallways become less congested. If your case is set for trial and there will be evidence, testimony and witnesses you may expect to be in court for some time. Please remain patient and quiet until your case is called to be tried.

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