History and Overview of Municipal Utilities

Municipal Utilities, your city owned Utility company since 1917, operates the electric, water and sewer for the City of Poplar Bluff.

Municipal Utilities, under the jurisdiction of the City Council and under the administration of the City Manager and with the guidance of an Advisory Board, is continuing to build Poplar Bluff's infrastructure for future growth.

We purchase our wholesale power from Southwest Power Administration, Grand River Dam Authority and Plum Point Generating Station. This will enable us to continue to provide good service and low rates to the citizens of Poplar Bluff.

We have recently completed Phase II of the State Revolving Fund projects in the Water Department. These projects include improvements to the clearwell, booster pump and distribution improvements and the construction of a new river intake structure. The third phase of this project includes crypto upgrades at the water plant, east side mains and backup wells. These projects will allow us to meet DNR compliance standards.

The Saintary Sewer Department's system has a four cell aerated lagoon treatment plant with a 2,900,000 gallon per day capacity. Improvements to the wastewater treatment are anticipated to begin in 2016.