January Summary

Finalizing Scope of Services
City officials and other community representatives (Mayor Susan Williams, Byron Smith, David Boyer, Dale Gaebler, Steve Halter) traveled to Jefferson City to meet with state agency representatives and members of the PGAV consulting team to finalize the scope of services or range of work that the consulting team will do for the City of Poplar Bluff's downtown revitalization efforts.

Summary of Proposed Activities

1. Conduct a downtown organization structure review and Supply Recommendations for a downtown organization
2. Review and analyze existing building conditions throughout Downtown, including public infrastructure. (Will result in a comprehensive map book)
3. Conduct a comprehensive community and consumer survey (Includes focus groups, community survey and visitor survey)
4. Conduct a retail market analysis
5. Conduct a downtown housing market analysis
6. Conduct a financial assistance evaluation
7. Assist in the development of a Downtown Strategic Plan
8. Prepare Building and Streetscape Design Guidelines
9. Develop and Prepare a Destination Assessment
10. Prepare a Marketing Plan
11. Prepare a Communications Plan
Changes in Scope of Practice
During the course of the meeting a few things were changed in the scope of services. The updated scope will be brought before the City Council within the next month to six weeks for approval.